An EdVantageous Opportunity

“The fair has really reminded me of not losing sight of the main goal in JC and not simply studying or playing post-As.” – Lynette Chia, 17S43.

Edvantage Fair is an annual event held in Victoria Junior College and has proved once again to be a popular event with Victorians, who were more than eager to expose themselves to the various opportunities awaiting them after junior college. This year’s Edvantage Fair, held on the 26th of July, saw the college hosting a wide variety of both local and overseas higher education institutes, as well as various organisations that might prove to be potential career options to J2s  and J1s, who are considering to pursue a career in these fields. The school hall, where the majority of these booths were, as well as the LTs, in which the university talks took place, were both bustling with eager Victorians asking questions and trying to find out more about universities, scholarships, job opportunities––absolutely anything they might want to know about their post-JC future.

From the moment Victorians stepped into the hall, they were already offered pamphlets and handouts from organisations which were eager to capture the interests of students. Soon, the hall was crowded with students keen to learn more about the various scholarships and post-tertiary-education institutions that would cater to their needs and interests, and the organisations were more than happy to answers inquiries. There were a wide array of stands for Victorians to peruse, ranging from overseas colleges like Waseda University to local yet ever popular options such as the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University. Albeit it was rather difficult to maneuver oneself amidst the body of students interested in gathering as much information as possible. There were also organisations hoping to encourage Victorians to work in particular sectors of Singapore, such as the Urban Development Authority and the Ministry of National Defence, both of which Victorians had recently witnessed fellow schoolmates receive book prizes from. Thus, it was also a great opportunity for students interested in applying for such awards to learn more about which ones they were eligible for.

With almost daily reminders during morning assembly on the days leading up to it, it is no wonder that many students had high expectations for the Edvantage Fair––and they were not disappointed, as when asked whether they had enjoyed their experience, multiple Victorians responded with a resounding “Yes”. One Victorian went on to comment that the fair made her much more aware of the extensive range of post-tertiary institutes that she could choose from, as well as some of the specific requirements needed to attend these institutions. Victorians had also expressed the usefulness of the fair- Lynette Chia from 17S43 had said that the fair prepared her for next year’s one, stating that she intends to “be better prepared with questions to ask to fully utilise the resources and opportunities presented to [her] as a student” when she returns as a J2.

When asked how they had benefitted from the Edvantage Fair, many Victorians credited it with having given them greater insight into the options available for them both in terms of higher education and pursuing a career. Lynette contended, “The fair gave me a better understanding of career paths I might want to pursue and the relevant scholarships, organisations and ministries which can support and enhance my higher education.” This sentiment was echoed by numerous Victorians, including Chow Qian Yu of 17S34, who stated that “a number of [her] queries regarding university degrees and scholarships were answered at the fair”. Another Victorian also highlighted the usefulness of being able to compare their options side by side at the fair, as opposed to visiting individual, isolated talks, whose details might be forgotten with time. Although no one’s path to the future is completely certain, there is no doubt that with the fair’s resources and information, students are now much better equipped to plan ahead, and to apply for courses and scholarships in higher education that are relevant to their interests.

Though most Victorians were in full agreement about the usefulness of the fair, answers varied greatly when they were asked what they thought the most beneficial aspect of Edvantage Fair 2017 was. One student, after having attended the Yale-NUS university talk, highlighted these university talks’ helpfulness and informativeness, whilst others mentioned that the booths were most beneficial to them, as they were able to ask questions specific to them instead of listening to talks that––in some cases––shared information that might be found online. Despite these differences, it is evident that many Victorians enjoyed the pamphlets and goodie bags provided at the higher education booths, with yet another student jokingly answering that her favourite part of the fair was “the Naturals sweet from GIC”, before going on to say that “the fair has really equipped [her] with the knowledge and resources to secure opportunities which can serve [her] well many years down the road, such as organisational scholarships”. With such a wide variety of responses, there truly appeared to be something for everyone at this year’s Edvantage Fair, which is perhaps not surprising given the diverse array of organisations present.

Concluding the day with an educational platform which connected students to the bountiful possibilities, they could pursue in the future, was indeed great. It prompted students to reflect on the educational institutions that would be their next home in the following years after junior college. The various organisations that had been present exposed Victorians to an array of possibilities, be it for those undecided about which path to choose or for those already set on a particular career or field.  Seeing the success of this year’s Edvantage Fair, we look forward to next year’s!

Article by:
Djulian Badua Naval, 17A11
Ong Hsu Yin Robyn, 17A12


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