Melodious harmonies, soothing music, and a cozy atmosphere to boot, are what await those who dare to step foot into Aventure III, the Harmonica Band and Strings concert. Being the third installment in the collaborative concert between the two performing groups, the name Aventure III is derived from a portmanteau between adventure and venture, a truly apt title reflecting the bold spirit in the curious blend of such two widely different sounds.

Encompassing the theme of a journey across time, the repertoire this year features well-known pieces across prominent musical periods, ranging from Infernal Galop of the baroque era to the catchy Thunderclouds of the modern pop culture. The sweet and delicate melodies produced by the string instruments, coupled with the cheerful tune of the harmonica will definitely take the audience down a rollercoaster ride of emotions as they travel across the different eras in music history.

To shed some light on the ongoing preparations for the concert, we interviewed the President of the Harmonica Band, Xin Yi from 18A15. Through our conversations, it was clear from her enthusiasm that she bears an undeniable passion towards the band, equalled by her resolve and dedication for the concert to be a success. When asked about the heavy commitment of the members to the band in addition to their schoolwork, Xin Yi admitted that the past few months had been tough for all of them, especially with SYF and the concert being in the same month, but was glad that everyone pulled through and continued to give it their all. Such dedication and resilience is commendable and will definitely be showcased in their expressive melodies during the concert.

When asked about the reason for the collaboration between Harmonica Band and Strings Ensemble, it was because both performing arts CCAs were relatively small, and collaboration was needed so as not to compromise on the quality of the performance by performing the best pieces that each musical group has to offer. Learning how to coordinate with a different set of instruments improved their skills as musicians by teaching them to adapt to different styles of music. To quote Xin Yi, two heads are indeed better than one!

Before we end, here are Xin Yi’s final words of appreciation to the J2s: “The past few months have been pretty tough for both CCAs, with SYF and concert within the same term, but I’m really glad that we’ve managed to press on and continue giving our best. Really proud of everyone, especially my J2s, for the sacrifices that they’ve made for the band and all the effort they’ve put in!”

So, to everyone reading this, Victorian or not, if you want to be a part of this glorious effort by two very distinguished CCAs, do purchase your tickets from any Harmonica Band or Strings Ensemble member. The harmonious coming together of these two instruments that are vastly different yet complementary to one another, is what audiences can expect to look forward to on the evening of 30th May.  Be sure to mark your calendars for this evening as VJC’s very own Harmonica Band and String Ensemble will be showcasing their wonderful musical talents. Look forward to their sensational performances as one can be sure to be serenaded by the pieces to be performed. Tickets will be priced at $10 each, and the performance will begin on 30th May at 7.30pm sharp at VJC’s performance theatre. What are you waiting for? Begin your Aventure of a lifetime!

Article by:
18S43 Chen Xiang Le
18S43 Ernest Yong
19S40 Anika Shormill Mamun


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