Singapore Youth Flying Club
*Note: SYFC is an external CCA in VJC

Overview of Youth Flying Club

The Singapore Youth Flying Club’s mission is to promote aviation among youths and inculcate a strong passion for flying.

“I can fly.”

Imagine saying these three words to your classmates and friends in JC. Many would initially roll their eyes and brush aside your ridiculous statement, only until you prove to them that you mean every single word that you say. Being able to say these three words with pride is something almost no one else in school would be able to echo.

Amidst the plethora of CCAs offered in VJC, Youth Flying Club instantly stands out amongst the crowd. Being able to fly a plane before any of your friends can even drive a car further substantiates this point.

Interesting Fact

Is there something about your CCA you and your fellow members think most people are unaware of that you feel needs to be shared to them?

Yes, as mentioned above, by enrolling in this CCA, we have the opportunity to attain a pilot’s license even before being able to drive a car!

Important Information

How often do you have your trainings?

Although there is no fixed time for training sessions (you are able to ‘book’ the timings and days where you are free to fly), it is generally recommended for you to fly 3 times every 2 weeks.

Would you like to give us a glimpse of what trainings are usually like?

To put it simply, we learn how to control a real aircraft and get to fly up in the air in one, where we are able to view Singapore from 5000 feet above ground. The courses provided are set to develop your skills, knowledge and character which are necessary for flight training.

Any additional information to take note of?

To sign up, applicants would have to submit a form directly at the club, located at Seletar Airport, pass an interview as well as an aeromedical test.

For more information, feel free to visit https://www.syfc.sg/

More about Youth Flying Club

Why did you choose to join this CCA?

At the start of the year, I wanted a CCA that was different from others, not just the typical sports group or club. Furthermore, being able to fly was always a big dream of mine. Since young, I was always interested in aviation and was always exhilarated at the sound of planes such as the F16s and F15s. When I found out about the Singapore Youth Flying Club, I knew I had to give it a try. Furthermore, SYFC has direct links to the Republic of Singapore Air Force, which can be an advantage for potential pilots in SYFC who are looking for an entry into the air force. Therefore, I ultimately chose to join this CCA.

This is the first solo tradition where student pilots who achieve their water solo get water dunked by their instructors

What would you consider to be the highlight of your CCA journey thus far?

One of the highlights of my CCA journey would no doubt be when I successfully completed my first solo flight. Being in the cockpit all alone without my instructor being with me to guide me when in doubt gave me a huge sense of accomplishment as it signified that my instructor had put his trust in me to handle the aircraft all by myself.

What about the CCA culture? What’s it like?

Being in this CCA, you would be grouped with students from other schools to form a course whereby you and your coursemates would go through ground schools together. Everyone here is really friendly and you get to make new friends with people who have similar interests in aviation.

In a Nutshell

To the incoming batch of juniors who will be busy pondering over the issue of CCA selection, what words would you give to those who may be keen on entering your CCA family?

For any student pilot, being able to fly 5000 feet in the air and seeing the whole of Singapore is an indescribable experience which gives you a sense of freedom and excitement. However, behind the adrenaline rush and ‘cool’ feelings you will get, most importantly, SYFC teaches you the true meaning of leadership, multitasking and responsibility through its vigorous but fun-packed flight trainings that will be valuable to you for a lifetime.

If you are interested in a career in aviation or would like to experience what it feels like to control an aircraft, do sign up for SYFC. It is certainly an opportunity not to be missed!

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
-Michael Altshuler

Article by:
Kean Gwee, 17S51


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