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Overview of VJ Dance

Where style and elegance coincide; an experience like no other.

Interesting Fact

Is there something about your CCA you and your fellow members think most people are unaware of that you feel needs to be shared to them?

Dance puts a lot of emphasis on discipline, be it in being punctual for trainings, having a good attitude in dance class, or being accountable for one’s own safety, stamina and flexibility. Just like our motto “All In Full Out”, it is imperative that our dancers are dedicated to the CCA and train our techniques and stamina in our own time. Therefore we do formulate plans such as holiday PT (physical training) homework and weekly Monday-morning-PT-sessions, in which we do runs, stretching exercises and core workouts with varying intensities every week. We are a very close-knit family that has regular bonding sessions, bonding over our common passion – dance. Our dance classes always have a good atmosphere and the dancers thoroughly enjoy every lesson, since everyone is receptive and encouraging, so no one feels inferior. We also ensure that every dancer has an opportunity to showcase their choreographing ability and we rotate the PT leaders every week so that every member of the CCA has a part to play.

Important Information

How often do you have your trainings?

For dancers who chose Breaking as their dancesports genre along with Contemporary and Hip Hop, they will have three days of CCA a week. For those who chose Latin or Ballroom for dancesports, they will have two days of CCA a week. We usually increase the intensity of our trainings when it gets closer to our performances.

Would you like to give us a glimpse of what trainings are usually like?

On Mondays, we have compulsory contemporary classes at 5pm. Every Wednesday, the dancers go for Latin or Ballroom lessons at 3.15pm first, before Hip Hop lessons begin at 5pm. On Tuesday the breakers have breaking lessons at 5pm. Our instructors do stretching and conditioning exercises with us for about half an hour, before we are taught a piece of choreography by the instructor. Every lesson, we learn a different piece that allows us to be exposed to different styles and pick up new techniques each time. During performance period, we usually devote our time during class to ‘cleaning up’ the dance. When the instructors are unable to make it for lessons, the Contemporary, Hip Hop or Dancesports coordinators (our own students) would step in to take over the lesson.

Any additional information to take note of?

For Latin and Ballroom dancers, there is a need to purchase their own shoes for the specific dance genre, but it will be ordered by the teachers and subsidized by the school.

More about VJ Dance

Why did you choose to join this CCA?

For the both of us, we have been dancing ballet ever since we were young, and so the passion had been cultivated from young. However, what enticed us most was that VJDance offers such a wide variety of dance genres, namely Contemporary, Hip Hop, Latin, Ballroom and Breaking (we even do Street Jazz, Ballet and Popping for performances)- and they’re free of charge. Dance is different from other CCAs, in the sense that with every genre comes a different perspective in which you can interpret the music and expand your creativity. For example, the eclectic nature of Contemporary dance allows you to express various feelings that you are unable to put into words, while in Latin and Ballroom, you get to work on coordinating your footwork, partnering and stunts at the same time.

What would you consider to be the highlight of your CCA journey thus far?

I guess the highlight of our CCA journey will be our last performance of the year for Victorian Affair 2017 (VA). This is because it was a platform for us dancers to finally showcase the techniques and genres we’ve been tirelessly working on for the whole year to our peers. The arduous training sessions leading up to VA also taught us how it is indeed possible to push ourselves past our limits and put in our 200% for every full run/rehearsal. Furthermore, seeing all the dancers almost everyday for practice definitely strengthened our already unbreakable bond.

Noteworthy CCA milestones in the past year:

Even though it has only been a short year in VJD, we have to admit that there were almost 1000 milestones we overcame as a batch/individually. But we shall just list the top 3!

  • Sheng Siong Performance

Although both of us (writers) weren’t part of it, but we have to say that without a doubt, it was indeed a great milestone for our CCA, especially the participating team, Drago 6. (Members: Vivian, Xinrong, Jeraldine, Bryan, Tianhui and Le)

Not only did our dancers have to sing while dancing, they were also performing LIVE on national TV. Not bragging, but our dancers managed to successfully enter the finals to win top 4 out of 24 teams, while juggling mid-year exams at the same time. This is definitely something to be proud of.

  • NDP

Apart from it being our very first batch performance, we also managed to collaborate with Cedar and Victoria School’s dancers! Also, we performed in front of the entire VCA (Victoria-Cedar Alliance) family which brought butterflies to our tummies… but we still did it!

  • Farewell Assembly

With only 5 days for us to prepare for this performance (which included choreographing, teaching and “cleaning up” the item), it indeed created a lot of stress. However, at the same time, it showed us that anything is possible if we put our hearts and minds to it.

What about the CCA culture? What’s it like?

Usually there is a lot of competition amongst dancers. However, from what we’ve observed from the past year, the same cannot be said for our CCA. In VJD, we are always encouraging one another, looking out for one another, and always reaching out to help one another. There is no one who is selfish and wants the spotlight to be always on him or herself. There’s somehow an unspoken motto amongst us that our aim at the end of the day, is to put up a great performance that is unforgettable, at least to us.

In a Nutshell

To the incoming batch of juniors who will be busy pondering over the issue of CCA selection, what words would you give to those who may be keen on entering your CCA family?

We assure you that at the end of your journey in VJD, what you will take away is more than just polished dancing skills! You will gain friends who feel more like family. And to the boys who have no dance background but are keen on joining, just try out in the auditions! No worries, all of our VJD boys had no dance backgrounds at the start of the year too. But with sheer hard work, practice, and a burning passion for dance, they filled this gap and were the choreographers for Open House 2018! You can do it too!

Article by:
Sheri, 17A12
Sheryl, 17A13



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