Overview of Veconomist

Do you want to understand how money makes the world go round? Do you want to gain the knowledge to achieve financial freedom?
If so, Veconomist is your CCA!

Interesting Fact

Is there something about your CCA you and your fellow members think most people are unaware of that you feel needs to be shared to them?

We are a CCA that deals mainly with finance and economics.

Important Information

How often do you have your trainings?

Trainings are held every Wednesday from 3:30pm to 5pm and are usually at the computer labs.

Would you like to give us a glimpse of what trainings are usually like?

Through our weekly sessions, by the end of term 2, you will understand the various aspects of the financial markets and be able to make wise and informed decisions about your money

What will be covered:

Term 1: Various financial instruments

  • The stock market, bonds

Term 2: More financial instruments

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Derivatives: eg. Futures/Options

Term 2: Personal finance

  • Managing your own money, and paving the way to riches

More about Veconomist

Currently, we are doing a project to enhance the learning of economics in VJC, through making an app to help students dissect questions.

Our goal for every session is that everyone learns something, including the CCA leaders.

We welcome everyone who is interested in economics and finance (and technology) to join us. Every member is extremely valuable to our CCA.

Don’t worry if you are not the ‘rara’ type – our CCA has no cheers nor do we have camps.

In a Nutshell

To the incoming batch of juniors who will be busy pondering over the issue of CCA selection, what words would you give to those who may be keen on entering your CCA family?

To keep things straightforward, join us to master the language of money!

Article by:
Zhang Bo Zheng, 17S48


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