VJ Debate Society

Overview of VJ Debate Society

We are a close knit group and we love to have fun while we improve! We study current affairs, take a look at the more controversial aspects of every issue and try to find new ways to debate. While many people think that debating is simply about one-upping the opponent, we see it as a platform to further broaden our perspectives of the world, allowing us better our debating ability and our knowledge of the world at the same time. We wish to create a highly bonded society that will be willing to come together every week to spend time with their friends while learning the skills to improve themselves.

Interesting Fact

Is there something about your CCA you and your fellow members think most people are unaware of that you feel needs to be shared to them?

An interesting myth about debaters is that many think that we are very cheem, but actually we are very chill and just like to have fun while we learn. ^^

Important Information

How often do you have your trainings?

Once a week for non-competitive members and 3 or 4 sessions for the competitive team.

Would you like to give us a glimpse of what trainings are usually like?

We have a few ways of conducting trainings to ensure that they are fun and interesting. We have sessions to teach you debating skills, fun activities which still help you hone your skills and of course we conduct debates amongst ourselves.

Any additional information to take note of?

Feel free to join the upcoming trials if you want to join the competitive team!

More about Debate Society

Why did you choose to join this CCA?

I have always loved debating from a young age as it gave me a way to present my own views of the world while I built upon my knowledge of the world and my confidence in speaking.

What would you consider to be the highlight of your CCA journey thus far?

A highlight would be meeting so many new and interesting individuals within the debating circuit, every time I go to competitions.

Noteworthy CCA milestones in the past year:

OldHam Cup 2nd runner up

MOE intercollegiate debating competition 2nd runner up

What about the CCA culture? What’s it like?

We are a close knit society that seeks to bond together and improve at the same time. We have a few experienced members who are easily approachable and are willing to share ways on how you can improve.

In a Nutshell

To the incoming batch of juniors who will be busy pondering over the issue of CCA selection, what words would you give to those who may be keen on entering your CCA family?

Honestly, if you are even remotely interested in debating, just join us. In our society there is nothing that you can lose! After all, you’re bound to learn something new from all our different activities. And if you’re ever unsure about anything, feel free to ask any of our members and exco members for help, we’ll be willing to help anytime. We hope to see you in debate!

Article by:
Lim Thern Khai, 17S49


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