Overview of Cricket

Cricket is one of the most exciting sports around. It is unpredictable and requires a high level of strategy and skill. Known as the gentleman’s game, many new formats of the game has been introduced over the years. Although not fairly popular in the Western World, Cricket originated in Britain and spread through their colonies, including Singapore.

Interesting Fact

Is there something about your CCA you and your fellow members think most people are unaware of that you feel needs to be shared to them?

Cricket is the second most popular game in the world with a following of over 2 billion people. Cricket can be a dangerous game and hence batsmen wear protection on their legs, head, hands and other parts of the body to protect them from hard balls which can travel up to 160km/hr.

Important Information

How often do you have your trainings?

Trainings take place on Monday, Wednesdays and Friday. The timing varies with the time table of the members.

Most of the trainings take place externally at Kallang near the stadium and St Patrick’s Secondary School.

Would you like to give us a glimpse of what trainings are usually like?

Trainings are vigorous and non stop, with fitness being a very important factor in the CCA. The trainings revolve around skill training and physical fitness. Closer to the tournament, we also have gatherings for tactical discussion.

More about Cricket

Any additional tidbits worth sharing?

Cricket has a very rich culture being one of the oldest running CCAs with great heritage. We have a motto of being “Something More”. We not only strive to be professional on the pitch, but off it too with discipline and respect being our most important principles.

What about the CCA culture? What’s it like?

What makes us truly special is the bonding within the CCA and the fun we have together.

In a Nutshell

To the incoming batch of juniors who will be busy pondering over the issue of CCA selection, what words would you give to those who may be keen on entering your CCA family?

In this CCA, as much as we know how to be disciplined, we never forget to have fun while working hard. The hardworking culture has been carved into the CCA by our seniors with initiative. Having a growth mindset together with upholding respect is extremely important in our CCA!

Do come and try out this sport!

Article by:
Devanshu Bisht, 17S45


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