Hello Victorians! Happy new year and welcome back to Victoria Junior College. For the 2017 J2s (those in the 16 batch), your new timetables are ready to download from the VJC Portal! (J1s will get theirs after Orientation.)

For J2s, do remember that the VJC Portal will replace VCSD. As such, your new timetable will not be reflected on VCSD. To access the new portal, simply head to portal.vjc.sg.

The default login credentials are as follows: the UserID is your NRIC/FIN (all alphabets in upper case) and the default password is VJCstudent17 for J1s and VJCstudent16 for J2s (VJC in upper case). If you have difficulties logging in, we recommend that you contact Mr Russell Woo.


After entering the VJC portal, click on the upper left rectangle, Timetable. You will then see the screen below after clicking “View Week”.


You may need to click the arrow to switch from Week 1 to Week 2 for your timetable to be visible. (I have removed the details from my screenshot but you will see there the lessons you have.) Ensure you have clicked “View Week”. Then, select the option “Export PDF Timetable”.


Once you have selected this, your timetable will be ready for you to download in PDF format. You’ll be asked which version to download; just select Term 1. (It will look like a regular timetable, with your name at the top and your teachers’ names below, and not like the one shown in the VJC portal.)

Thank you and welcome back to VJC!

Article by:

Ryan Ch’ng, 16S47


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