About Us

Hey there!

The Victorian Press is the online student newspaper of Victoria Junior College. We are a wing of the Writers’ Circle CCA, and our objectives are as follows:

  • Give VJC a stronger sense of school culture
  • Give Victorians a platform to showcase their views and creative talents
  • Document the sentiments of Victorians during different school events

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For official matters, such as the reproduction of material from this website either online or in print, please contact our teacher-in-charge, Mr Teo Gene-En at teo.geneen@vjc.sg.

For any queries about or submissions for the CCA, please contact us through the site or our social media channels, or contact the chief editor Tessa personally at tessa.foo.xuan.ru@vjc.sg.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact any of the following Management Committee members:

Chief Editor: Tessa Foo, 20A15
Neha Thantry, 20A15
Outreach Head:
Sanika Vekhande, 20A15

Past EXCOs

2015/2016 (Pioneering Batch/Founding Batch)
Editor: Sean Tan, 15S49
Editor: Ajay Nair, 15S63
Web Admin: Pye Sone Kyaw, 15S44

2016/2017 (Second Batch)
Chief Editor
: Ryan Ch’ng, 16S47
Chairman: Victoria Cheung, 16A14
Outreach Head: Chloe Tan, 16S63

2017/2018 (Third Batch)
Chief Editor
: Niyanta Chowdhury, 17S46
Chairman: Davene Lye, 17A11
Outreach Head: James Tan, 17S51

2018/2019 (Fourth Batch)
Chief Editor
: Yap Yu Qi Delphie, 18S33
Chairman: Benedict Chang Yew Kit, 18A13
Outreach Head: Wang Zi-Ming Sean, 18S33

2019/2020 (Fifth Batch)
Chief Editor and Chairman
: Alisha Ganesh, 19A11
Outreach Head: Low Yan Ting Kelly, 19A15