With the closure of the old Malay Stall came the fresh start of another one. It was indeed a pity to bid farewell to the old stall which had served us for so long, but with that we welcome with open arms the owners of the new Malay Stall. Today, let Victorian Press bring you in exploring what this new stall has to offer.

This new Malay stall has an endless spectrum of dishes available for selection, with signature dishes like Mee Soto, Mee Siam as well as Nasi Bryani. The price is affordable, with a plate of Lontong and Mee Soto at the standard price of $2.00. One plate of Nasi Bryani costs slightly more at $2.80, but trust us, it is definitely value for money.

To show our support for the new stall, we immersed ourselves in their savory Mee Siam and delicious Nasi Campur, and the experience was unequivocally delightful. The tangibly spicy rice vermicelli dish blends essential Malay flavours into the tasty gravy. Just tasting the slightly sour gravy will immediately stimulate your appetites, sending your tastebuds into a frenzy!

The Nasi Campur consists of white rice, tender chicken and mixed vegetables. This blend of ingredients contributes the flavor, texture and appearance of the food, making it a must-try!

In front of us in the queue was a student who had just ordered a plate of Mee Soto.

When asked later whether she enjoyed her lunch, Kellie Chua from 18S45 remarked that “the broth is very delicious and the ingredients are very nice”. She also commented that she “would definitely try out other dishes next time”, expressing her love for the stall.

We also had a chat with Aunty, the bubbly and easygoing stall owner,  to find out more about how it has been like setting up the stall in VJ.

A Quick Chat with Aunty:

  1. Why do you choose to set up your stall in VJC instead of places like the hawker centre?

This place is very convenient and the rental here is cheaper. The rental outside is around $4000.

  1. What are some of the more popular food in your stall that you think students can try?

Mee Soto, Mee Siam, Nasi Bryani

  1. Is it hard to prepare all those food? How long do you take normally to prepare?

It is quite easy as they are all common dishes. We would come at 6am everyday and finish at about 10.30am.

  1. Do you like the school culture that we have such as the way students behave in VJC?

Yes. Victorians are very delightful and it is satisfying to see the students happy. The friendships between students are also very close, which is very nice to see.

  1. Have you opened up stalls in other schools before?

Yes, we opened a stall previously in St Anthony Primary and Bedok Green


  1. Is the environment there different from the one here in VJC?

Yes, it is quite different. Especially primary school and junior college. The recess break in primary school is fixed whereas students in junior college have breaks at different times. The canteen is more quiet in primary school as students only come at a certain time.

It is with resounding affirmation that we recommend you to head down during your breaks to try out their specialties. And let’s not forget to show our supportive Victorian spirit and a warm welcome for our new Malay Stall!!

Article by:
18S45 Lu Shang Kun
18S64 Chong Wei Jie


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