Something beautiful is brewing in the Drama Studios of VJC, and it might just hit closer to home than you would believe.

“Love, Victoria” is VJ Drama and Chinese Society’s latest collaboration, in celebration of the school’s 35th anniversary. This is the first time both CCAs have come together to put up a production, but even so, they have seamlessly combined the best of both worlds to create something truly special. The play provides a fresh perspective on life as a Victorian, narrated through the lens of characters that are comical and definitely relatable. From the over-enthusiastic athlete to that sassy “rich kid”, you are sure to find a character whom you can laugh at, yet resonate with.

That one over-dramatic friend

According to actor Lum Wing Chee, the epitome of their inspiration was capturing the stories that make the VJ experience so unique. “We were inspired by VJ’s 35th anniversary, realizing that we can use this opportunity to look back at VJ’s history and highlight key events that occurred in these 35 years, to produce a play that feels nostalgic and familiar,” he explained. “We decided to insert some fun facts about VJ’s history into our dialogue and also ensure certain experiences portrayed are universal so that all Victorians, no matter which year they graduated, can understand and relate to them.”

Wing Chee, just doing his thing

But this production isn’t just a refreshing look at VJ’s history filtered through the eyes of students. VJ Drama and Chinese Society are also making history by putting up the first bilingual performance in VJ including both English and Chinese dialogue. This historical performance is surely able to sum up the diversity of characters, talents and cultures that flourish within the four walls of VJ. To my fellow non-Chinese speaking friends, have no fear! Both CCAs have kindly provided subtitles for the entire show, so you too can relish in the introspective brilliance of “Love, Victoria”.

If the experiences and emotions encapsulated in the play are ones Victorians already experience, one may be curious to know what new angle the production has to offer. Actress Juliana Seah has a simple answer: Our take on the Victorian experience is comedy! I promise you, you will definitely laugh during this play.” So why wouldn’t you want to watch the re-enactment of school life, this time infused with much more laughter as well as meaning?

Friends are our best pillar of support, aren’t they?

If you are ready for a night that leaves your heart soaring with nostalgia and your belly aching from laughter, come down to Drama Night on the 30th of April, 2019! Tickets can be bought from any Drama Club or Chinese Society member for $10, and free seating in the performance theatre.

Article by:
19A15 Low Yan Ting Kelly
19A11 Alisha Ganesh


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