Celebrations among VJC supporters were electric after the VJC Floorball Girls dismantled Raffles Institution in their 3rd/4th placing match, successfully clinching Bronze with a convincing 5-2 score line. Spirits were high as the girls’ team lined up in front of the school to sing the Victorian anthem in jubilation of their last win of the season. However, their relief was starkly contrasted against the tension and nervousness felt by the boys’ team behind them, who were warming up for their own upcoming 3rd/4th placing game against Tampines Junior College.

Tensions were high as both teams had a point to prove in beating one another. TPJC, having lost a previous encounter to VJC 4-2 in a group stage match, and this being their last game before their school merged, wanted to redeem themselves and prove to everyone of their ability to beat one of the crowd favourites. VJC, on the other hand, after a heartbreaking loss to close rival Meridian Junior College in the semi finals, were looking to bounce back to end their season off on a high.

The boys delivered a wonderful performance, coming in as Second Runner Up with a score of 8-2. This of course, was attributed to the intense fight they had put up. As both teams geared up for the start of the first period, the crowd went silent. Barely three minutes into the game and VJC’s Cephas Yeo (#4) scores! The crowd of supporters went wild for VJC’s amazing start. However, it did not take long before TPJC caught up with the boys, bringing the score even at 1-1 after the first period. Every point counted and both teams were focused on passing the ball smoothly from one player to another to net a perfectly-worked goal. With more perfectly-timed aims by the boys, VJC scored the final ball of the season with six minutes left into the third period.  

Photo by: Alicia Goh

The atmosphere throughout the game was electrifying and tense. Against TPJC, another school  known for their energetic cheers loud enough to rival our own, the spectators were having a mini match of their own. Both schools took turns to support their own team with their school cheers, and as the Floorball match intensified, so did the cheering. The riotous and deafening cheers accompanied by the beat of the drums definitely showcased our school spirit.

To find out more on what this win meant to the team, we interviewed Asy’raf (#68) who managed to score 2 goals during the match.  When asked about the biggest challenge the Floorball Boys faced during this season, his reply was about “leadership on the court”. “Floorball is a game that requires a lot of communication on court, especially due to the fast-paced nature of the game.” He noted that not taking initiative and communicating with one another was something they had to overcome. After coming to an agreement and understanding that each and every one of them had to take initiative and speak up on court, they all took up the role to be a leader, and owing to this, Asy’raf affirmed how, “it allowed us to play better as a team and win convincingly.” Without a doubt, the boys displayed their teamwork through their countless intercepts and smooth passes.

In addition, Asy’raf was glad to mention that he was much “happier about the fact that the team was enjoying playing together as a team”. Earlier into the season, despite the wins on paper, he did not feel that they were ‘true wins’. This was because he felt that the team was not playing as one but rather, as individual players. This resulted in the “under-utilisation of each teammate”. For this last match however, the boys came together to agree that they should “enjoy the moment while it lasted” for they had “nothing to lose”. Despite a smaller final score margin as compared to earlier games in the season, this game “felt really fun to play in because our entire team played together as one”. Lastly, he noted that the unparalleled joy of playing together as one team in the last game would spur them on into the finals in the future.

Indeed, the Floorball teams showed signs of promise going into future seasons. Having shown their grit and determination on court, no doubt the team would be looking to get back into the finals and win back their championship next season. This marks the start of #redemption19, a similar hashtag created by their seniors last year during the title-clinching season. It would be exciting to see what the Floorball teams have in store in us for the seasons ahead.

Article By:
Natalie Yap, 18S38
Audrie Chee, 18S38
Muhammad Asy’raf 18A15


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