While reading the Farewell Assembly article, you might have noticed something missing. Perhaps it was even the highlight of the day for many Victorians. Well, that’s because we had decided to write a separate feature for this very special event!

The Most _________ Victorian awards aimed to recognise Victorians who show exemplary qualities like bubbliness/positivity, passion, dedication, compassion and charisma. The awardees were chosen due to your votes!

1~The Most Bubbly Victorian

This wonderful human being is known for the positivity he or she always brings to any conversation. He or she never fails to bring a smile to others’ faces. Even when energy levels are low, he or she manages to raise these levels through the sheer happiness he or she exudes!

Nominees were Chermain from 16S38, Houston from 16S54, Yeo Shi from 16S31, Jia Le from 16S31 and Desiree from 16A11.

The counting of the votes decided that Wong Heng Jun Houston from 16S54 won. Houston was the previous Lynx House Captain and there is no doubt that his positive outlook on life brought smiles to everyone’s faces!

2~The Most Passionate Victorian

This person is known for his or her love for the things he or she cares about. Often seen in CCA efforts, this Victorian puts in all he or she has got into achieving monumental goals. His or her passion is inspiring and many are even envious of the kind of passion he or she brings to the table!

Nominees were Winette from 16S32, Yong Li from 16S41, Ryan Ch’ng from 16S47, Pearly Doreen from 16A13 and Joy from 16S41.

The winner was decided to be Ryan Ch’ng from 16S47. As many of you know, Ryan Ch’ng was the Chief Editor of the Victorian Press from 2016-2017. On the stage, he remarked that this was a rare occasion that he was an interviewee instead of the interviewer! His passion for VPRESS was unending and honestly, inspirational. We all know Ryan has grown tremendously in the year he was Chief Editor and we wish him all the best in future endeavors. His passion will certainly take him places! We love you Ryan!

3~The Most Dedicated Victorian

This person is known for his or her commitment and authenticity to everything he or she signs up for. This is an accomplished Victorian who never shirks off responsibilities and always performs to the best of his or her ability.

Nominees were Haikal from 16S41, Danial Shah from 16S55, Priscilia from 16S49, Gillian from 16S52 and Xin Li from 16A13.

The winner was Gillian from 16S42. 16S52! She managed her student councillor duties as well as her athletic endeavors in floorball admirably, never once complaining about the work load! She certainly deserves this!

4~The Most Compassionate Victorian

This is a genuine person who plays many roles. A caring friend, a kind human being and the iron-strong yet empathetic Joan of Arc. He or she never fails to be there for people and always lends a careful listening ear to their problems.

Nominees were Thiri from 16S38, Sarah from 16S41, Sherissa from 16S31, Somesh from 16S38 and David from 16S51.

Voting decided that Yoon Thiri from 16S38 was the winner! She is described to be an extremely good friend and is known for her generosity. Congratulations Thiri and stay awesome!

5~The Most Charismatic Victorian

This is a charming person who nevers fails to win the hearts of the people around him or her. Often looked up to as a role model, his or her charisma make him or her a natural leader!

Nominees were were Sachin from 16S45, Kunal from 16S36, Mingya from 16S38, Yu Fan from 16S47 and Sean from 16S54.

Kunal Prajyot from 16S36 was deemed to be the winner! As cricket captain, he was always looked up to and admired for being put together. He is loved by everyone and he definitely deserved this award!

All in all, while many of you battle your A’s, I hope you remember that you have all come up on top of challenges before and may you triumph over this one too! All the best!

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Article by:
Niyanta Chowdhury, 17S46


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