It’s unavoidable: people are bound to form a certain impression of you based on your CCA. Whether you’re in a sport, performing arts or club, you can’t run from the impression bestowed upon you based on the type of activity you choose to occupy your weekday afternoons with. Often it’s just stereotypes, but undeniably, there is some truth in the stories you hear.

When you hear about Guitar Ensemble, what impression do you form? Do you picture a group of people casually jamming away to the latest hits? Or guitarists that play professionally, orchestra-style? Are there different types of guitars, or different ways to play, or different sounds to create? After all, a guitar is only 6 strings.

These were the thoughts running through my head when I first heard about this CCA. I had never been part of a performing arts CCA, being from a uniformed group in my secondary school. However, there were no uniformed groups in VJC, and I was curious.

As someone who loved the sound of guitar but only knew basic chords and notes with little musical background, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to challenge myself and finally pick up a skill that I had been eyeing from the outside for years. So I decided to give it a go.


As it turns out, I have not been let down yet. Despite being someone who is not terribly musically inclined, the instructors and seniors were friendly and approachable. No doubt, it was a challenge to learn how to play each note on the guitar and understand the score (all the notes looked the same!) but with guidance and practice I slowly but surely improved, as did the rest of the ensemble.

And with that, I began to understand and appreciate the joy of being part of a performing art CCA, each individual with a crucial role within the unified whole.

Playing each piece is like operating clockwork engine: everyone has a part to play, as a cog, in turning dots and lines on a paper into beautiful music. All the guitars are classical, but there are different sections that produce different sounds, and when every note is played, it isn’t just a cacophony of sounds but a melody that expresses what we feel from the deepest point of our hearts.


Good music, great people, one very special CCA.

All because of 6 strings.

Elizabeth Wan, 15A12


  1. VJGE was the best decision in my VJ life!!! Thanks for the piece Liz! 🙂 Would like to add on (to non-guitarists) that “definitely” is an understatement when answering the qn “are there different sounds to create?” – even with just 1 guitar, 6 strings as mentioned, you can mimic so many instruments and sounds and that’s the most amazing part for me :’) “a group of people casually jamming away” is also true outside of practice HAHA it is something wonderfully bonding to be able to randomly break out in song together. Miss my time in VJGE!!


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