The air was abuzz with preparations, as the 33rd Students’ Council prepared for their induction ceremony, the SC Investiture. At 7.40am, students started trickling in and filling up the rows of chairs set up meticulously in the hall. Backstage, the next batch of SC members were filled with anticipation and anxiousness.

“We put in a lot of effort honestly, we stayed back a lot and the two days leading up to it we stayed till 10.30pm. But I felt that we bonded quite a lot too, we spent so much time together dancing and rehearsing and having heart to heart talks, hahahaha,” says Gillian Chua (16S52).

As the ceremony started, the hall was filled with the curious murmurs of students, which died down when the 32nd batch stepped on stage to receive their various certificates and acknowledgements. President Annina Zhang also delivered a passionate speech to wrap up the time they had spent in the SC, ending off with the characteristic question “What’s half a minute?”, to which the resounding reply was “Thirty seconds!”


After the stepping down of the 32nd batch, the induction for the 33rd batch officially began. Met with supportive cheers from their peers, the new batch of council members certainly looked excited to carry on their seniors’ legacy. As Gillian said, “It marks the start of our journey and we are all invested together as one and somehow it shows that we are all gonna pull through and grow together no matter what. Especially when we said the pledge, it’s a public declaration that we will do our best to commit and serve.”

The event then ended with a performance by the council members, which received tremendous applause from the audience. The performance neatly wove elements of one of our mass dance into the fabric of a narrative about the Council, ending off with an unabashedly proud display of the mass dance itself! Of course, that mass dance was none other than The Nights — and it had been introduced and choreographed by the 32nd SC themselves, so its performance, encapsulating their legacy, was a fitting farewell for the 32nds.

“It’s great to be a part of the investiture, even if it’s just as an audience member,” says S Shivaane (16A12). “We only get to see what they do behind the scenes, and this makes it easier for us to appreciate them.”

This sentiment was echoed by many other students. Her classmate, Aloysius Goh, says, “It would be nice if they could share with us more on what they do. I can tell they’re stressed, but it’s hard to relate to them. They deserve more recognition.”

As the Students’ Council takes care of VJC and her students, it’s heartening to see it reciprocated by the student population. With the induction of the 33rd Students’ Council and the stepping down of the 32nd, it marks a new chapter for the next generation of Victorians.

There is undoubtedly pressure on their shoulders, as they get used to the mechanisms behind running a school. However, we place our trust in them, and believe that the 33rd batch of councillors will certainly work hard to keep the VJ flag flying high.

And as how Foo Yong Li — the current president of SC — always ends off his speeches, “Nil Sine Labore!” Nothing without labour. As the student leaders who guide the school forward, many them might be faced with a lot of challenges: coping with studies and duties at the same time, dealing with interpersonal relationships, etc. The  journey ahead may not be easy, but we’re sure the 33rd batch will do us proud. The pressure is on, kids!

Jiayi 16S31

Yasmin 16A12

Joy 16A12


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